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Caring For Wicker Outdoor Patio Dining Sets

Placing patio furniture in a yard is a great way to improve the aesthetics while giving people an area to relax. There are several types of patio dining sets available, each one with their own set of benefits. One type of patio furniture people enjoy is the look of wicker. This type of furniture gives the area of a patio or garden a county feel. It is enjoyable to view and even better to use.

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Caring for wicker is a bit different than plastic or wooden furniture. For a stylish dining outside set of furniture, this type definitely looks nice. However, it is best to try and keep the pieces away from moisture so it lasts for years to come. Place the furniture outdoors at times when there is no precipitation likely. If it appears that rain or snow is on the way, move them to an indoor screen porch or shed until later. Reed or resin wicker can withstand small bursts of moisture if they are wiped down afterward to help keep the pieces from becoming moldy.

To clean wicker, use a small paintbrush to brush embedded dirt out from between the woven sections. An air compressor can also be used to blow out pieces that are pushed down too far for a brush to reach. A pair of tweezers can be used to reach pieces as well. Afterwards, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft-bristle brush attachment to remove any surface dirt.

To get caked on dirt off wicker furniture, wipe it down with a mixture made from water, a mild detergent, and ammonia. Wipe down the furniture with a non-abrasive sponge dipped in this solution. To rinse, use a garden hose set on a misting setting. This will remove the soapy mixture without damaging the delicate reeds the wicker is constructed from. Place in the sun to dry.

When someone needs further information about caring for wicker outdoor furniture, they can take a visit to a furniture store to ask questions. The salespeople will lead them in the right direction in the proper caring of the wicker so it does not become prematurely damaged.

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